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本文摘要:Whats the future of the automobile? For all the attention Tesla and its CEO Elon Musk have received of late, the electric car is the logical guess.汽车行业的未来在哪里?最近,特斯拉(Tesla)及其CEO埃隆·穆斯克堪称赚足了眼球,所以,电动汽车是合乎逻辑的猜测。


Whats the future of the automobile? For all the attention Tesla and its CEO Elon Musk have received of late, the electric car is the logical guess.汽车行业的未来在哪里?最近,特斯拉(Tesla)及其CEO埃隆·穆斯克堪称赚足了眼球,所以,电动汽车是合乎逻辑的猜测。Not at Toyota.但丰田汽车(Toyota)并不这样指出。Hybrid or alternative fuel vehicles made up 16% of Toyotas (TM) total sales last year – 10% of that number was from electric vehicles. That sector will grow over time, as we see improvement in batteries, Jim Lentz, CEO of Toyota North America told the audience at Fortunes Brainstorm Green conference on Tuesday. But were really excited about this concept of fuel cell vehicles.混合动力或替代燃料汽车占到丰田汽车去年总销量的16%,其中,电动汽车占比为10%。

在周二的《财富》(Fortune)绿色头脑风暴大会(Brainstorm Green)上,丰田北美公司(Toyota North America)CEO吉姆o伦茨对观众回应:“随着电池技术的改良,这个部门还不会之后快速增长。但确实令其我们深感激动的是燃料电池汽车的概念。”Why? Because its an on-demand electric vehicle, Lentz said. Rather than having a large heavy battery that takes a while to charge, you basically use hydrogen to produce electricity and water vapor. Another factor is that prices of batteries used in electric vehicles arent dropping dramatically enough to offer consumers a long-range vehicle at a reasonable price. Itll happen some day, but I cant tell you when that is, Lentz says. The long term play is going to be fuel cell.为什么?伦茨回应,因为“这是一种基于市场需求的电动汽车。


”Lentz was quick to reel off the benefits of fuel cell vehicles: their carbon footprint is 50% better than gasoline, and their fuel costs will be low – about $30 for a 4-passenger sedan to travel 300 miles.迅速,伦茨就开始滔滔不绝地讲解燃料电池汽车的益处:它们的碳足迹比汽油提高了50%,燃料成本将减少——可搭乘4名乘客的轿车行经300英里的费用大约为30美元。But for all the pros theres a major con: theres no place to fill up a hydrogen car, and its expensive to build hydrogen stations; they cost about $2 million a piece.尽管有各种益处,但有一个最重要的不利因素仍然不容忽视:氢动力汽车没地方标示燃料,而修筑氢气车站的费用又过于过便宜;每一个氢气车站的成本约为200万美元。California has only nine or 10 [hydrogen] stations, and there are only 180 in the world, said moderator Brian Dumaine, senior editor at Fortune. Where are you going to fill up a hydrogen car in California?大会主持人、《财富》杂志资深编辑布莱恩o杜梅因说道:“加利福尼亚州总共也只有9到10个(氢气)车站,全世界也仅有180个。

在加州去哪儿为氢动力汽车标示燃料?”Lentz said that Toyota has been working with University of California at Irvine to determine the optimal location of stations and how many stations the state actually needs to satisfy about 10,000 fuel cell vehicles. That number is 68, he said. Thanks to a $200 million investment by the state -- Toyota has invested $7 million of its own money was well -- California will have 30 stations by next year. Were not that far away in California of having that initial hydrogen highway, Lentz said.伦茨回应,丰田汽车正在与加州大学尔湾分校(University of California at Irvine)合作,确认氢气车站的最佳方位,以及加州符合大约10,000辆燃料电池汽车必须多少个氢气车站。他说道:“我们得出结论的结果是68个。

”凭借加州的2亿美元投资,以及丰田投放的700万美元,加州到明年将享有30个氢气车站。伦茨说道:“加州距离构建可行性氢气高速公路的目标并不很远。”And then theres the question of price? Toyota is known for its affordability. Will a fuel cell car fit into that mold?接下来还有价格问题。

丰田汽车以经济适用性而闻名,燃料电池汽车否也能做这一点?Lentz told the Brainstorm Green audience that Toyota has about 100 fuel cell vehicles on the road already – each worth about $1 million. When the company introduces its fuel cell car to the general public next year, the cost will be about 5% of that – or $50,000, according to Lentz.伦茨对绿色头脑风暴大会的观众们回应,丰田公司有大约100辆燃料电池汽车早已上路——每一辆价值大约100万美元。他回应,明年公司向公众发售燃料电池汽车时,价格将大幅度上调,仅有为目前价格的5%,也就是50,000美元。

Theres no doubt Lentz is enthusiastic about his companys fuel cell future, but he said he knows other people might not feel the same way – yet. If you look at hybrids, it took 15 years from when we first introduced it to go to a marketplace of over 500,00, he said. I think you can assume a similar acceptance rate of fuel cells down the road.毫无疑问,伦茨对燃料电池的未来充满热情。但他回应,目前并不是所有人都像他一样悲观。他说道:“以混合动力汽车为事例,从最初发售到销量多达50,000辆,我们花上了15年时间。




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